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My name is Katie Schlobohm and I'm a young artist from Minnesota. I'm agender, but use female pronouns. I'm also asexual.

Feel free to ask me just about anything. I'm a huge nerd and I totally love to answer questions you may have about stuff. You can always request art from me, but it might not come right away so stay tuned for it. If you want to see more of my "portfolio-worthy" art, go to my new art blog here on tumblr, also linked below.

ALSO! IMPORTANT! If you ever need someone to talk to but don't feel comfortable enough to send me a message or use my ask box, feel free to talk to me. The second link below is to one of my email addresses which is safe for you to use. I'm always an open book, so don't be shy!
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I’m not going to my lecture even though I said I would yesterday. To myself. I’m getting breakfast instead. Fuck biology. I want some goddamn breakfast.

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Ah yes, time to watch my favorite show:
"Doctor ‘let’s shit on Clara for having human reactions to my somewhat completely random and destructive behavior’”

THANK YOU. Merciful lord almighty. Somebody else who agrees.

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